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Extra stuff

Watch the trailer for the book on this page.

Lots of people ask me where I get my story ideas, and that can be a little hard to explain sometimes. I've tried to list as many instigations as I can remember for specific stories from the book on this page.

I've posted some illustrations from the book and a teaser story or two on the links you'll find below. Please be aware and respectful of the copyright of all images, text and ideas contained on these pages. I am posting them here for you to enjoy and share, but please give credit to me and refer others back to this original site rather than printing or re-posting any images or text on your own hosted site.

And I thank you in advance.

DoodlesSample illustrations

Hairy EyeballsSample text: Hairy Eyeballs Here's a short story from the book.

Hairy EyeballsSample text: Allergy And another story from the book.

You Know What Else Children Don't Know?Sample illustrated text: You Know What Else Children Don't Know? This one's a combination text/illustration story design.

Dead LineSample graphic novel Here is a short, five-page graphic novel from the book.

DomSample illustration progression I scanned an illustration in progress and combined all the scans as an animation.