Time to Rot Your Brain

I’ve written and illustrated a book, and I’ve called it:

Twisted: Tales to Rot Your Brain Vol 1

It’s a little twisted, as you can imagine, and it will probably do some damage to your brain, as you might expect. And it’s been getting some great reviews and even went and won itself a couple Purple Dragonfly Book Awards.

The cover is over there to the right, and you can watch the trailer for the book on this page.

The book collects together 28 flash fiction stories that target anybody who giggles when a story takes a surprising turn, from middle grade readers through their adult counterparts. The stories in the collection unfold using traditional text, illustrated text, text with illustrations, stand-alone illustrations and even a graphic novel.

And all of them lean toward the edge of the twisted. Told from unexpected perspectives. Not about what you thought they were. Head off in a direction you weren’t counting on.

And here’s hoping you never see it coming. Blindsided.

Time to giggle.

Where do I go from here?

The book has gotten some great reviews (Publishers WeeklyMidwest Book Review and Kirkus Reviews, to drop a few names), and Kirkus Reviews even made it their Indie Spotlight Q&A!

Hopefully you have a twisted sense of humor, otherwise this relationship is probably already over. But seriously, if you’re still here it probably means we’re going to get along just fine.

Thanks a cryptload for reading this far, and come visit us on the dark side. We have cookies.